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Web - Getting Started


Vpon Mobile Web SDK helps mobile web developers to maximize their monetization on both Android and iOS.

Note: Mobile web ads only available on mobile sites, you won’t see any ads if you open your website with personal computers.


  1. Basic concept of HTML

  2. License Key for Vpon Mobile Web

  3. Permission to modify code of the mobile website

Ad Integration

Original Banner Ad Adhesion Banner Ad Interstitial Ad Native Ad

License Key For Testing

Here are sample Vpon License Keys for testing. Please implement the one that match the ad type you’re testing if you haven’t finished the publisher registration process.

Ad Type License Key
Web_Banner 8a80854b6a90b5bc016ad81ebabb6538
Web_Interstitial 8a80854b6a90b5bc016ad81f018e6539
Web_Native 8a80854b6a90b5bc016ad81f34fd653a

Note: Please note that you must replace the Testing License Key with your own one before you update the ad setting to the production environment.


  • All Web-related information are listed left.
  • The right-sidebar will indicate the position where you are in current page.
  • Switch to the Language and Platform you need via the tool bar on top-right.

More questions? Please contact Vpon FAE. We will help to figure it out ASAP!