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Superior brand advertising resources

As we have been working closely with major 4A companies and chain store associations in Taiwan and China for an extended period of time, we can supply more and better brand marketing resources. 90+% brand advertising ratio on our platform effectively maintains and enhances app image.

Fair developer fee

Based on both CPC and CPM model, we calculate daily revenue dynamically using parameters including impressions, clicks, CTR and unique users. The fair and sensible method ensures ad revenue for quality apps and meets advertiser needs

LBS ensures high CTR with precision targeting

Superior brand marketing resources are combined with discounts and promotions, which are placed with LBS targeting technology. This makes ads highly relevant to audiences to meet their needs, which attracts them to the service and effectively improves CTR.

Rich statistics

To help partners understand app user behaviors, habits and demography, we added rich drill-down data mining tools to basic statistics.

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