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Web - Adhesion Banner


Vpon Mobile Web SDK provides Adhesion Banner, which can be placed on the top or bottom of your mobile website to maximize your monetization.

Note: Ashesion Banners are only available on mobile sites, you won’t see any ads if you open your website with personal computers.


Just like the setups in original banner, you should put following code snippet in the <body> section of the page that you want to show ads. The biggest difference between the original one and adhesive is that the latter includes a new attribute : vpon_ad_adhesion. The banner will be positioned to the top of the device display while this new attribute’s value is top, and it will be positioned to the bottom if the attribute’s value is bottom.

      <vpon vpon_ad_test="1"
            vpon_ad_licensy_key="License Key"
      <vpon vpon_ad_test="1"
            vpon_ad_licensy_key="License Key"
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""> </script>


  • Vpon Web SDK supports HTTPS. Please use as the source and put it before “</body>” while importing SDK. Browsers will import the suitable one base on the protocol of the page. Besides, you only need to import it once.

  • You only allow to use 3 ads at most in each page and please use different License Key for every ad.

  • The adhesion feature of Adhesion Banner will be lost while embedding the ad in an iframe.

  • Once you finish editing your page, save and reload it. You can find a test ad in the tag after initializing the SDK.

  • Please modify the parameter of vpon_ad_test to "0" to get formal ads before you launch your site officially.

Advanced Setup

Name Description Reuqired Example
vpon_ad_licensy_key License Key from Vpon Y Put your Vpon License Key
vpon_ad_format Format
Y “320x50_mb”
vpon_ad_test Test Ad N 1(Yes)/0(No)
Default = “1”
vpon_ad_adhesion Adhesion Ad N top/bottom
debug Debugging information in console N true/false
Default = “false”
openTab If open a new tab to show ad’s contents N true/false
Default = “true”
ad_request_callback Callback Function for no ad fill N Please refer to Callback



Still can’t see any ads

Please check the following items:

  • Please open the page with a mobile browser instead of a personal computer.
  • Clean the cache, delete cookies and reload the page.

Still can’t solve it

Turn on the debug mode and send all of “Vpadn-“ messages to Vpon FAE