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iOS - MoPub

iOS mediation


Please make sure you’ve added following files in your project:

  1. MoPub SDK
  2. Vpon SDK
  3. Vpon MoPub Custom Events

And please refer to our Integration Guide to initial Vpon iOS SDK before you start setting.

Note: For Vpon SDK and Vpon MoPub Custom Events, please download here.

MoPub Settings

To setup MoPub, you need to complete the following steps:

Step1: Add your app

Click “Inventory” tab and click “Add a New App”. Register your app here.

Step2: Add an Ad unit

In the inventory that you just created, click “Add an Ad Unit” to create a native ad.

Step3: Add Vpon Ad Network

Click “Networks” tab and click “add a Network”.

Step4: Custom Native Network

Step5: Add title to manage your Ad network

Step6: Fill in CUSTOMEVENT

Fill in your class name, you can see the sample at the reference page.

Step7: License Key / adUnitID

Fill in License Key which you apply from our Vpon website, and the key is strBannerId

Step8: Enable Vpon Ad Network

After filling in the data above, click “Segments” tab and choose “Global Segment”, you will see your inventory, ads, and Vpon ad network. Please turn Vpon Network “Enabled” on, and check the the stauts of the network is “Running”.