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Flutter - Banner Ad


This guideline will instruct you to integrate Vpon Banner Ad with Vpon Flutter Plugin. You can alse check this guideline and the information about the plugin on

Banner Ad Implementation

Declare a Banner Ad Object

BannerAd? _bannerAd;

Load Banner Ad

void _loadBannerAd() async {
    await _bannerAd?.dispose();
    setState(() {
    _bannerAd = null;

    String key = 'Your License Key';
    VponAdRequest request = VponAdRequest();

    _bannerAd = BannerAd(
        licenseKey: key,
        size: BannerAdSize.banner,
        request: request,
        autoRefresh: false,
        listener: BannerAdListener(
            onAdLoaded: (Ad ad) async {
            BannerAd bannerAd = (ad as BannerAd);
                setState(() {
                    _bannerAd = bannerAd;
                    adWidgetKey = UniqueKey();
            onAdFailedToLoad: (Ad ad, Map error) {
            onAdImpression: (Ad ad) {
                // handle impression
            onAdClicked: (Ad ad) {
                // handle click
    await _bannerAd?.load();

Note: You can listen to ad events by implementing BannerAdListener.

Vpon Banner Size

Vpon supports following Banner sizes:

Size (WxH) Description VponAdSize Constant
320x50 Standard Banner banner
320x100 Large Banner largeBanner
300x250 IAB Medium Rectangle mediumRectangle
320x480 Large Rectangle Banner largeRectangle
468x60 IAB Full-Size Banner fullBanner
728x90 IAB Leaderboard leaderBoard