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Android - Smaato

android mediation


Please make sure you’ve added following files in your project:

  1. Smaato SDK
  2. Vpon SDK
  3. Vpon Smaato Custom Events

Note: For Vpon SDK and Vpon Smaato Custom Events, please download here.

Smaato Settings

To setup Smaato, you need to complete the following steps:

Step1: Add your App

Create your Smaato publisher account first, then click “New App” to add you app.

Step2: Add an AD unit

Insert your app information in App Details and create the ad units in Define Adspaces.

Step3: Add Vpon AD Network

Go to “Networks” tab and click “New Network”.

Step4: Custom SDK Network

Click “Add Custom SDK Network”,and click “Save & Add Line Item”

Step5: Name your Line Item

To make your line item manageable, fill in a legibility name for it.

Step6: Setting your Line Item

Define the Priority, Traffic Allocation and the period of the campaign of the line item first. Then you have to insert the Class Name of the Custom Plugin and the Method Name you use.

Step7: Setting you Line Item Target

Set up the app in the Inventory tab for Vpon AD Network.

Step8: Finish and save your Line Item Setting

Click “Save” to save the line item setting.