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Android - Google Ad Manager

android mediation

Latest Information

According to Google Ad Manager’s announcement, Google Ad Manager will deprecate SDK Mediation in Creatives. Please refer to Create and manage yield groups to finish mediation setting in Yield Group.


Please make sure you’ve added following files in your project:

  1. Google Mobile Ads SDK
  2. Vpon SDK
  3. Vpon AdMob Adapter


  • Besides ad integration, to make the Ads work more smoothly and release resource appropriately, we recommend that you should implement Activity method in the Activity Lifacycle. (Please refer to [Google Ads API)])

  • For Vpon SDK and Vpon AdMob Adapter, please download here.

Set Up Ad Unit

Please refer to Google Ad Manager SDK Integration Guide to determine the size of the ad unit.

Interstitial Ad

Interstitial ad units can be defined with one of the four common sizes, regardless of the actual screen size of individual devices. The SDK will handle rendering the creative correctly on screens which are of slightly different sizes.

  • Cell phone:320x480 (portrait)、480x320 (landscape)
  • Tablet:768x1024 (portrait)、1024x768 (landscape)

There is no need to define a separate ad unit for landscape mode. You can simply add the landscape size (e.g. 480x320 for smartphones) to line items targeting the interstitial ad unit and include a creative with the landscape size in addition to the regular portrait size.

Native Ad

Please set up the ad unit size as your requirement.

Generate Ad Tags

After finishing your ad unit setting, please choose an ad unit and click Generate Tags to generate ad tags. Choose Mobile application and get the ad unit like: /networkCode/adUnitName. Please apply this tag into your App project.

DFP 廣告空間

Yield Group Setting

Create A Yield Partner

Please follow the steps below to add Vpon as your Yield Partner first in to Company page under Management tag:

  1. Choose to create a new company (Ad Network) as your Yield Partner
  2. Choose Vpon in the drop list of Ad Network
  3. Insert the optional information and save your change

Set Up Yield Group

Please refer to the instruction below to finish the Yield Group setting:

  1. Create new Yield Gruop
  2. Determine the ad format and the inventory type for your requirement
  3. Determine the ad unit for develiering
  4. Finish the optional setting for your requirement
  5. Choose to add additional third-party yield partners, and add Vpon from the drop list
  6. Determine the integration type:
    • Choose Mobile SDK if you are trying to integrate Banner Ad or Interstitial Ad. Please insert TW in the Zone column, and insert your Vpon License Key in the Vpon Ad ID column.
    • Chhose Custom Event if you are trying to integrate Native Ad. Please insert GADVpadnNativeAdCustomEvent in the Class Name column, and insert your Vpon License Key in the Parameter column.
  7. Save your change

Note: Please note that if you are using Vpon Adapter to integrate Native Ad via GAM Mediation, the behavior of adListener might be different if Vpon Native Ad shows.
Following adListener might be impacted: onAdLeftApplication, onAdClosed


Sample Code

Please refer to our Sample Code for a complete integration sample.