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Update to SDK 4.5.1+

Update to 4.5.1+

This news is to show why we suggest you to update the SDK from the previous one to the latest one (4.5.1+). In here, developer can determine what version of SDK are used. By releasing the latest version, developer can update the SDK.

Why update to 4.5.1+?

  1. The latest SDK(4.5.1+) provides publishers a more display-optional environment and better user experience. Some similar modifications could enhance the user experience.

  2. After a security discussion with Google, we fixed a potential security problem to protect and make sure user’s network security. Publishers will have a higher-quality SDK in every application.

How to determine the current SDK version?

There are two ways to detertmine the SDK version in the following:

  1. The original file downloaded from Vpon SDK Document shows its version on its name. For instance, the SDK v4.5.1 for Android platform is named vpadn-sdk-obf451-31406102-1604131557-ca97036.jar , among which obf451 is the hint to the version 4.5.1.

  2. Another way is publishers could see the log messages while running apps which integrated Vpon SDK. Search the key word doGetSdkParams in the log message. There is parameter called sdk in VPADN. It shows the current SDK version.

How to update to SDK 4.5.1+?

Publishers can download the SDK packages in the following link: Android SDK4.5.1+
Overwrite the current SDK with the latest one(4.5.1+), publishers can determine whether the SDK are updated or not by the ways list above.