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Update To SDK v5.0.2


Vpon just released the latest SDK v5.0.2. To know more about the changes in this version, please refer to How To Update To Vpon SDK v5.0.2.

Update to SDK 4.5.1+


This news is to show why we suggest you to update the SDK from the previous one to the latest one (4.5.1+). In here, developer can determine what version of SDK are used. By releasing the latest version, developer can update the SDK… Continue reading

Update to SDK 4.2.x

The messages below show you how to upgrade to SDK4.2.x from the previous version of SDK 4.0.0 or SDK 4.1.0. Because we’ve change the name of package, class, interface, method and also delete the class of in SDK4.2.x. So please follow the steps below to modify. Continue reading