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Flutter - Interstitial Ad


This guideline will instruct you to integrate Vpon Interstitial Ad with Vpon Flutter Plugin. You can alse check this guideline and the information about the plugin on

Interstitial Ad Implementation

Declare a Interstitial Ad Object

InterstitialAd? _interstitialAd;

Load Interstitial Ad

 void _loadInterstitialAd() {
    VponAdRequest request = VponAdRequest();

        licenseKey: 'Your license key',
        request: request,
        adLoadCallback: InterstitialAdLoadCallback(
            onAdLoaded: (InterstitialAd ad) {
                _interstitialAd = ad;
            onAdFailedToLoad: (Map error) {
                _interstitialAd = null;
            onAdImpression: (InterstitialAd ad) {
                // handle impression
            onAdClicked: (InterstitialAd ad) {
                // handle click
            onAdWillDismissFullScreenContent: (InterstitialAd ad) {
                // handle callback
            onAdDismissedFullScreenContent: (InterstitialAd ad) {
                // handle callback
            onAdWillShowFullScreenContent: (InterstitialAd ad) {
                // handle callback

Note: You can listen to ad events by implementing InterstitialAdLoadCallback.

Show Interstitial Ad;